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Kinky Devils - Lady Michela

Curious what this lady can do for you? Well, the question is more what you can do for her, don't you think so? If she finds you worthy she might notice you. Notice you for the submissive slave you are! Yes admit it, on the outside you look so strong, so at ease, but deep inside you are just a slave, a slave that longs to submit himself to the goddess. Well, look no further because you are about to meet her! Maybe she will allow you to serve her. To fulfill her filthiest desires, to take care of her deepest sadistic needs. Maybe, if you behave real good, she will even reward you! But rewards need to be earned. Earned by your honest and total submission to her female supremacy. Call now slave!!

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Adres: Ruysdaelkade
Plaats: Amsterdam
Telefoon: 06 26895423
E-mail: mistressmichela@gmail.com
Website: "http://www.kinkydevils.eu www.meesteresmichela.nl/"


Zondag 12:00 02:00
Maandag 12:00 02:00
Dinsdag 12:00 02:00
Woensdag 12:00 02:00
Donderdag 12:00 02:00
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